CIORA Online Grant Application System

Application Due Date: March 31, 2023 at 17:00 (Pacific Time)

Application Guidelines

The grant application must be no more than 10 pages (excluding CVs).The following fields (lay summary, research question, background, methods, impact, feasibility and sustainability, timeline and description of how this project leverages other funding) have a 3,000 word limit combined (approximately 6 pages). The review scoring scheme is provided in brackets beside each category. Tip: use the tab key to move to next section on grant submission page.

The components of the grant proposal and review scoring scheme are listed below:

  1. Scientific Abstract (maximum 500 words) - summarize the research question, background, methods, impact and feasibility of the project.
  2. Lay Summary (maximum 500 words)- lay reviewer will only read this part of your grant, please be clear on your details.
  3. Research Question (maximum 250 words)- overall objectives and/or hypothesis.
  4. Background (5 points) - provides context and preliminary results, if available.
  5. Methods (25 points)
    1. Specific aims (5 points)
    2. Description of the study population (5 points)
    3. Study design/implementation (5 points)
    4. Outcome measures (including measurable outcomes and definitions of success) (5 points)
    5. Statistical plan (including sample size justification). Expertise of a methodologist is recommended. (5 points)
  6. Impact (10 points) - expected results, project deliverables and dissemination (include how this project will impact rheumatology care).
  7. Feasibility and sustainability (10 points) - Applicants must demonstrate scientific and technical feasibility (e.g. research team, role of Principal Applicants/Co-applicants, recruitment, acquisition of data, access to necessary equipment, etc.). They must address limitations and pitfalls. They must also demonstrate realistic timelines and milestones. Optionally, applicants who submit projects that rely on existing resources (e.g. databases, established research infrastructure, equipment) and collaborators may submit letters of support to provide further evidence of feasibility. Finally, applicants must provide evidence of sustainability i.e. what happens when the grant is over?
  8. Timeline (refer to Timeline Template for more details) - This is a text only field, tables can be uploaded in the Upload section of the application.
  9. Description of how this project leverages other funding (if applicable) - All candidates must declare all potentially overlapping grants with full disclosure so the committee can decide if funding needs to be altered. If the proposal submitted is part of a larger project that has received prior CIORA funding or funding from another source, provide a description of how this project leverages other funding.
  10. Acknowledgements - The Principal Applicant(s) must confirm that all investigators are aware of the application and agree to be an applicant or co-applicant on the CIORA grant as submitted. The Principal Applicant(s) must confirm that they cannot apply for another grant as a Principal Applicant until the final progress report has been approved on this grant.
  11. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) - An abbreviated CV from a maximum of 5 key applicants (maximum 2 pages for each applicant), which should include the applicants' credentials, all awarded grant funding and publications (total and those over the last 5 years). The remaining co-applicants can be listed on a table and include names, degrees, position (including university, if applicable), areas of expertise and role on the project.
  12. Budget - Upload one budget per grant in either word or excel format. Budgets must be well-justified and for a maximum of one year of funding (for one-year grant) and for a maximum of two years of funding (for two year grant). The budget should detail the total funds required for the endeavor and the amount requested from CIORA (file size maximum 500mb). Abstract submission costs and /or publication fees, up to a maximum of $1000. The budget will not include travel for abstract presentation to any meeting. Refer to Fundable & Non-Fundable Items for more details.
  13. References (Word or PDF only)
  14. Images (Word or PDF only) - This field is optional.
  15. Letters of Support - Applicants who submit projects that rely on existing resources (e.g. databases, established research infrastructure, equipment) and collaborators may submit letters of support to provide further evidence of feasibility. This field is optional.
  16. Appendixes (Word, PDF, PPT or excel only). - This field is optional.

Please see CIORA Grant Terms of Reference for more specific instructions on how to complete the grant application.

A CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT email will be sent within 24 hours of the application submission. If a CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT email is NOT received, the onus is on the individual submitting the application to follow-up with Virginia Hopkins to ensure that the application was received. We want to ensure that all applications submitted are received; we appreciate your assistance with this process.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Virginia Hopkins
Manager, Innovation and Research - Gestionnaire, innovation et recherche
Canadian Rheumatology Association - Société canadienne de rhumatologie
280-13300 Tecumseh Road E. | Suite 386 | Tecumseh | Ontario | N8N 4R8 |905-952-0698 ext. 3