About One World

Over 30 Years...

Integral to Successful Meetings

It was One World Presentation Management Ltd. who led the association community towards this level of presentation management in the 1990's, and, we continue to improve the experience for presenters and attednees alike. Conference faculty demand a bullet-proof system that works with their busy schedules, and will prevent distractions from complicated screens or procedures.

One World staff possess a keen understanding of the mindset of the presenter, and can assess situations with great speed and accuracy, so precious time is directed towards achieving results, not experimenting or trying to fix things. A successful meeting needs people who know what to do and can get it done immediately so that presenters can achieve their goals at the podium.


IT & Software


It was One World Presentation Management Ltd. who designed many of the IT Solutions that first guided medical meetings into the computer era. Staffed by consultants and technology experts, One World brings over 30 years of meeting experience and technology development to today's conference community.

We are software developers and service providers who work side by side with every-day users from one end of the abstract/presentation processes to the other. No other company works with program committees, directors and submitters from the inception of a meeting, and then also guides and assists organizers, audio visual, and presenters at the actual meeting.


Mark Rosenthal


Long-time industry expert, Mark Rosenthal has taken his 30 years experience in the conference/presentation industry and applied imagination and technology to develop solutions to the medical association and conference community. Mark is the leading technology designer of the One World family of software products.

Since 1984 Mark has personally sat down at a computer with tens of thousands of conference presenters. As an IT professional Mark has designed network configurations and software strategies in eighteen countries from Windows 95 to present. As a software developer he has met the challenge of global clients, transcending complications of culture-based user customs and expectations.


Shannon Morton


With a successful background in international business ventures, Shannon specializes as a communications consultant, with a focus on international conferences. Fluent in English and Japanese, and conversational in several other languages, Shannon's communication skills are the perfect requisite for designing and organizing online forms and database management systems that intuitively meet the challenges of our users from around the world.



MCJ Consulting

Medical Meeting Planners

"We have worked with One World Presentation Management for the past 10 years to provide services for speaker management systems internationally and have very successful and exceptionally managed meetings using the OWPM presentation management system. The best compliment I can give on behalf of Mark is that the faculty "breathe a sigh of relief" when they know that Mark Rosenthal and his team are involved with the presentation management because One World's systems were able to accommodate their every need."


Medical Association

"We would not consider having meeting without Mark Rosenthal present.

They conduct their projects and relationships with great professionalism and deliver excellent work in a minimum timeframe at a reasonable cost, which sets them apart from the competition. I would recommend them to anyone.

Notable Achievement


Coined the phrase, presentation management, to draw a distinction between the skilled attention required to maintain the integrity of presentations, in contrast to, file management which remains the standard of the industry.


Provided Abstract Management services online for 12 years, making us one of the earliest providers of this service. We were the first to develop an internet-based Presentation Submission System to collect and sort presentations for conferences. Our system is used extensively throughout North America by many organizations and audiovisual companies.


One World was the first (by several years) to develop software, The Presenter, with the purpose of managing the large numbers of presentations found at association conferences.


The One World Presentation Computer Codec Pack was the first one designed by an actual presentation company, and, remains the most robust and capable worldwide.