Presentation Management

We invented the term, "Presentation Management". And, defined the practice. You've seen imitations, but not a copy. We are the original 'heads up' speaker ready professionals who connected the dots and developed software for you.

Seamless Sessions

Any size of meeting. Any number of breakouts. Any location. We've brought Presentation Management in networked speaker ready rooms to over 25 countries. The takeaways from this kind of experience can't be picked up in a book. Big AV has a lot of equipment on their shelves, but, we are quicker, more efficient, and offer with better results for your faculty and attendees.

Javits Center, New York
Istanbul, Turkey
Valencia, Spain
Shanghai, China

It's all One World!

No matter what your profession, city, venue or country you are speaking in, the world is the same. Standing at the podium before an audience of your peers is the time you'll most appreciate a dedicated team of skilled presentation managers supporting your desire for a well managed event.